Mackie's Opts for CPS Solution

7th June 2007

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Mackie's Ltd of Scotland, makers of the famous Mackie's brand of luxury ice cream, who placed an order with CPS for a new ice cream production line, worth in excess of £350,000, now has the system fully operational.

Based in Aberdeenshire, Mackie's, which has seen its production of ice cream triple over the past ten years, needed to replace its existing equipment to cope with current demands.  In addition to Mackie's luxury ice cream range, the company also produces own-label ice cream for leading high street retailers.  This is an area of the business Mackie's hopes to expand and it is forecasting a further 100 per cent increase in sales in the next three years.

CPS was contracted to design, manufacture, install, and commission a bespoke semi-automatic mixing system, a pasteuriser and a chilling plant.  The system design incorporates unique features such as automatic top filling of the ageing tanks and a mobile unit for small additions.  The new line produces both own-label ice cream and Mackie's luxury ice cream range, which consists of five flavours – Traditional, Strawberry and Cream, Caramel Choc Mint, Honeycomb Harvest, and Absolutely Chocolate.

Managing director of Mackie's Ltd, Mac Mackie, explains why the company opted for a CPS solution: "From our initial discussions and throughout the planning and implementation process, CPS were very professional and efficient.  They provided us with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of our requirements and we were confident that they had considered all aspects and possible knock-on affects."

"We could have purchased similar equipment from other suppliers but we weren't guaranteed the high level of professionalism and experience given by CPS.  They were also very price competitive.  All in all they offered the best package available."

Mackie's current system, which was installed over 12 years ago, has an output of up to 2,000 litres of ice cream per hour.  CPS's equipment, which was manufactured in their Sherborne factory has increased output capacity to 5,000 litres per hour.

Mr Mackie spoke of how the new CPS system will benefit the business: "The equipment will increase our production capacity significantly and improve the efficiency of the operation.  Automation and a higher ice cream output will decrease production costs through reduced energy and lower labour expenses."

Mackie's, a family run business, employees 65 staff and turns over £14m a year in retail sales.  Its own-brand ice cream is now well established as the leader in the luxury ice cream market in Scotland and has an increasing market share in England.

Previously in 2002 CPS designed, built and installed a milk chilling and routing system with storage tanks at Mackie's, which continues to operate reliably on a daily basis.

When asked about the quality of service Mackie's has received from CPS, Mr Mackie said: "The service has been excellent.  We've dealt with CPS in the past so knew the level of professionalism would be high and they've exceeded our expectations again."

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