Green Measures Paying Off for Tetra Pak CPS

4th December 2009

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The UK’s leading provider of quality capital equipment and turnkey systems, Tetra Pak CPS, has reduced its carbon footprint by 15 percent since being awarded the highly acclaimed ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

By introducing significant changes within the business, Tetra Pak CPS has made huge strides in reducing its impact on the environment. For example, the Sherborne-based business is reducing the amount of solid waste it sends to landfill by recycling an incredible 45 percent – a massive 20 percent above its target.

The company has also reduced its water requirements by 43 percent. This has been achieved with the introduction of new procedures to help monitor usage and the installation of water saving devices throughout its Sherborne premises.

Meanwhile, the company's energy and water saving measures are also providing them with substantial financial savings. A £30,000 investment in energy efficient lighting has cut electricity consumption by 22 percent resulting in an estimated saving of £14,000 a year on its power bills.

As an upward trend in utility prices is predicted by industry professionals, Tetra Pak CPS looks set to continue to reap the benefits of its energy saving lighting for years to come.

To meet environmental goals the whole Tetra Pak CPS workforce assumes responsibility and is expected to contribute to the company’s green offensive by using their own initiative and respecting the new green policies that have been introduced by the company.

Tetra Pak CPS Environmental Co-ordinator, David Plant commented: “The company is extremely proud of its environmental performance and openly shares its knowledge, best practice and information. By sharing our experiences we hope that others in the industry will recognise that by doing their bit for the environment they could also be rewarded financially.

“The company is continually looking for areas to improve and become even greener and supports its employees with training to ensure that they meet all environmental policy requirements and that their duties have a minimal impact on the environment.”

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