Hygienic Know-How from Tetra Pak CPS

30th September 2009

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A global reputation for providing high quality hygienic process systems has won Tetra Pak CPS its latest order due to collaboration with one of the UK’s leading engineering contractors.

Ai Process Systems (AiPS) chose Tetra Pak CPS to design, build and supply 36 various sized processing vessels for one of AiPS’s customers Deb Ltd.

Deb Ltd is renowned for its comprehensive range of highly professional skincare and cleaning products. Its recent expansion into alcohol sprays for the food and healthcare industry has led to the company’s need for a new factory and Tetra Pak CPS’ expertise.

The nature of the products meant a high level of sterile fabrication was required and it is here where the depth of experience in hygienic liquid process systems from Tetra Pak CPS proved decisive in winning the contract.

As an international leader in providing quality capital equipment, Tetra Pak CPS was able to design and manufacture a selection of vessels ranging from 40,000 litre bulk storage vessels to CIP solution tanks and 500 litre premix vessels within the required timescale.

The Tetra Pak CPS engineers and support team worked closely with project managers at AiPS, who were particularly impressed with the level of professionalism, quality of product and efficiency from Tetra Pak CPS.

Tetra Pak CPS Business Development Manager, Paul Griffin commented: “Ai Process is completely independent of any equipment manufacturer and supplier, allowing it to choose the best company for the specific job in hand. It has been a pleasure to work with them and deliver the hygienic expertise that was needed to meet Deb Ltd’s requirements.

“We worked well with Ai Process – both companies have the same philosophy and that is to deliver consistently high quality products and service. We are both dedicated to providing the most cost efficient solutions for our customers and Tetra Pak CPS would be delighted to work with Ai Process again.”

With over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of hygienic stainless steel process and storage vessels, Tetra Pak CPS is able to offer capacities of up to 100,000 litres with dimensions to suit any space restrictions and a wide range of surface finishes to suit any application.

For pressure/vacuum applications, vessels can be built to the British Standard Code of Practice (PD5500), which ensures they comply with the latest European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

Recognising the need to tailor its vessels for each application and industry Tetra Pak CPS can also provide an extensive range of vessel and tank features including agitation, heating and cooling systems and sterile air top blanket systems.

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