CPS Has the Bottle to Satisfy Drinks Industry

18th May 2007

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The on-going battle by the UK's drinks industry to come up with fresh ideas for combating rising costs and the marked slow-down in demand for traditional products is turning into a hunt for new and innovative ideas.

Investment in state-of-the-art technology is being viewed by the sector's leading players as the way of stemming the tide and boosting sales - and profits.  So the search is on for the best and most advanced process plant which can be put to use to bring major improvements in output, offer opportunities for marketing fresh ideas and combine cost-effective production with a better quality of product.

And the experts to whom the majority of the trade - whether in ciders, fruit juices or carbonated soft drinks - seem to be turning is CPS.  They are leading the way in the race to develop and market innovative processing equipment, the majority of it complete with the latest features designed to bring increased scope and range to beverage producers.

The company is so successful that it plans to build on its already excellent reputation as a provider of specifically tailored solutions to a whole range of drinks producers with Paul Griffin heading up a team of experts as Business Development Manager.

Mr Griffin acknowledges they are operating in a tough marketplace, one where there is fierce competition, but points to CPS's 80 years of operating expertise together with a reputation built on its product range and an ability to meet specific budgets as major reasons for optimism.

He says: "We work in a sector where only the strong will survive but we have the experience, the expertise and the products to remain up there with the best.  The needs of the drinks industry are varied but producers know it makes sense to go for the best equipment whether it is pasteurisers, process vessels, heat exchangers or CIP systems.  We have a bulging portfolio of satisfied clients as proof to our success."

And with names like Bacardi-Martini and Cott Beverages willing to sing the company's praises after their CPS experiences, current thinking is that things can only get better.

Bacardi, a regular CPS customer over the years, looked no further than the Dorset based company when installing new plant to cope with both its Bacardi Breezer lines and new carbonated products.  Result? An order for mixing tanks, CIP set, flow plates and pipework which, according to a spokesman, have provided an all-round versatility invaluable in today’s manufacturing environment.

And at Cott they are equally enthusiastic over their latest CPS acquisition, pointing to the levels of service received and the robustness of equipment as being clinching factors in their decision to put their trust in CPS.  The deal was struck when Cott was looking for a top-quality pasteuriser to handle a new range of milkshake mixtures.

"In both cases we came up with exactly what was required, something we will do over and over again in a future which to us looks rosy," said Paul Griffin.

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