CPS Is the First Choice for the Liquid Foods Sector

4th July 2006

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Decades of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of top quality products aimed at the liquid processing industry in all its many guises, has turned CPS into a top-ranking exponent in the field.

The Dorset-based business, which can trace its origins back to 1885, has long been a leading supplier to the UK cheese market of cheese vats, blockformers, cheddaring machines and related items.  However, following the decision a few years ago to split CPS into three distinct groups, it is the Dairy, Food & Beverage Division that has diversified the most by establishing itself as a primary supplier to a number of very different liquid processing sectors.  This has resulted in the Dairy, Food & Beverage Division building-up an impressive portfolio of customers, including household names like Heinz, Nestlé, Bacardi, Ambrosia and Cadbury to name but a few.

Many of these customers have come on board because of CPS's ability to take a project from its initial concept, through the intricacies of design, to installation, commissioning and operator training.  And through it all, the CPS team of highly skilled designers, engineers, and production staff are there to ensure that everything the customer requires is taken care of.  In short, CPS has got the design, build and installation of equipment for the industry down to a fine art.

"We are there to ensure that each customer gets exactly what was ordered," says CPS Business Development Manager Paul Griffin. "Since we set up our separate Dairy, Food & Beverage Division, the challenge has been to couple our traditional skills with meeting the individual needs of customers.  And with our years of process management know-how, we feel we have undoubtedly achieved this.  We know we can provide the complete service by starting with understanding the individual needs – and the problems – of each and every one of our clients and taking the project through every stage until it is up and running exactly to requirements."

When it comes to skills CPS can provide the full range – engineering, process knowledge, project management and manufacturing excellence among them. The result is that CPS's equipment can cope with a full range of liquid food items from milk and cream to yoghurt, desserts, jellies, Alcopops, sauces, flavourings, glucose, cheesecakes and pastry together with mousses, ice cream and custard.  Baby food, liquid chocolate, confectionery and other food ingredients as well as soups, sauces and ready meals have all benefited from the CPS production equipment.

And if it is virtually any kind of drink which has to be handled, then CPS has the answer there, too.  Whether it is soft drinks or something with a little more kick to it, the beverage industry has not been slow to pick CPS as a lead supplier.  Recent contracts have included isotonic drinks, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, coffee and chocolate.  Tango, Nestlé Cappuccino, Frijj milkshake and Vimto, to name but four leading brand names, have all come to CPS for solutions.

Mr Griffin says: "A key part of our Dairy, Food & Beverage Division products is the extensive range of mixing and blending vessels and associated equipment offered.  These start with vessels with a simple agitator and runs through to skid-mounted fully PLC-controlled systems.  Whatever the need, it is highly likely we can provide it."

Equipment offered by the Dairy, Food & Beverage Division include pasteurisers, mixing and blending plants, plate heat exchangers, separators, homogenisers along with associated storage tanks, process vessels and pipework systems.  Much of the equipment is supplied skid mounted, which enables CPS to assemble off-site in order to keep production disruption to a minimum, during installation.

Typical of the recent projects completed is Rowse Honey, the UK's leading supplier of honey, which has installed seven processing vessels from CPS for its range of branded and own-label honeys.  Rowse Honey chose CPS following a recommendation from one of its suppliers and was immediately impressed by the quality of the vessels and mixers.  Coupled with this CPS offered competitive pricing as well as providing the best machine specification for the job.  Rowse Honey has since been totally satisfied with the product and service provided by CPS and has gone on to purchase a homogeniser and other equipment.

It is much the same story whichever of CPS's customers are contacted.  At top Scottish ice cream producers Mackie's the new production line has been developed with the aid of CPS engineers who played a part in ensuring the amount of ice cream leaving the Aberdeenshire dairy more than trebled.  "Professional and efficient" were two of the epithets attached to CPS's work by the company's Managing Director, Mac Mackie: "We could have bought from other suppliers but we would not have been guaranteed the same high levels of either," he added.

Levels of service and robustness of equipment were at the core of a similar story at Cott Beverages where the company also made a decision to put its trust in CPS.  The company, which is regarded as a world leader in the supply of branded carbonated soft drinks, has installed a CPS pasteuriser to handle a new range of milkshake mixtures.  The new unit is among one of over 300 CPS pasteurisers operating daily on a vast range of applications across the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Many of the items supplied are provided with cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems, enabling food producers to quickly clean piping and vessels ready for the next lot of production.

Cleaning-in-place has become a CPS speciality since it was first introduced in the 1960's, giving food manufacturers the ability to move from one product to another or just clean the plant without any time-consuming stripping down – thereby keeping non-operational time to a minimum.

Overall, CPS is extremely well equipped to remain at the forefront in its field. "We have always striven to provide focused and innovative solutions to customers' needs," says Paul Griffin. "We are confident that given our ongoing investment we will continue to provide a level of commitment and service our competitors will struggle to match."

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