CPS Wins Cott Contract

18th January 2006

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CPS has added yet another major name to the growing list of customers for its pasteurising systems with the decision by Cott Beverages to go back to the company for equipment needed to produce its new range of milkshake mixtures.

The drinks company, based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, and regarded as a world leader in the supply of branded carbonated soft drinks, had been down the CPS route before and knew the strength and appeal of products emanating from its factory in Sherborne, Dorset.

So it was perhaps natural for Cott Beverages' Site Projects Manager, Mr Chris Jones, to turn his sights back on to CPS when expansion was the order of the day, and it is a decision he and his colleagues have not regretted.

What they have had installed is one of the best pasteurisers available across the globe, one of more than 300 which are in operation using almost eight decades of experience and expertise built up by CPS.  At the centre of the system is the renowned Fischer plate heat exchanger, which has been developed to cope with a range of products with different viscosities.  PLC controls and a modem for remote software support have been incorporated and there is the option of linking to factory networks should that be required in the future.

For months now – and Cott Beverages operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week – a CPS continuous pasteurising system has been coping with 12,000 litres a day of the sugar syrups needed to produce the five different flavours for milkshakes, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, lime and banana, which are packaged in 360ml, 500ml and 740ml bottles.

A number of top selling names are produced at Cott Beverages' Pontefract base, along with own brands for several of the high street supermarkets.  "We have used CPS before, so we know all about them," said Mr Jones.  "And the new equipment is every bit as good as that we have had in the past, and that's excellent.  We bought this latest pasteurising system, with bespoke automation, specifically for the new product line because we wanted to be abreast of all the latest technology available on the market."

One of the big advantages of the CPS system originates from the fact that it is designed to be yield-saving.  "This means that every drop of product, every valuable asset, is available for use and that has to be a big consideration," said Mr Jones.  "And the machine is simple to operate, which is what we need in our highly-automated environment."

He was also quick to point out the high level of service Cott Beverages had received from CPS.  "They are up there with the best when it comes to what they do for you – any little thing which might go wrong is dealt with quickly and efficiently.  In fact, we have been so impressed with the all-round capabilities of CPS that if and when the situation arises where we want more equipment, we would definitely approach CPS first."

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