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Tetra Pak CPS has more than 80 years experience in supplying solutions to the dairy, food and liquid processing industries. Our wealth of experience and continued development work enables Tetra Pak CPS to offer a broad range of solutions to satisfy customer's individual requirements. Tetra Pak CPS recognises that every client has specific needs varying from highly automated systems to budgetary constraints. Each and every Tetra Pak CPS design is based on a consolidation of the customer's core requirements and the experience and know-how of Tetra Pak CPS. Consideration is always given to pre-piping and wiring in order to minimise site time and any disruption to production during installation. This can give rise to a significant time/cost saving.

Tetra Pak CPS Capabilities

  • New Installations - Tetra Pak CPS offers complete turnkey installations including tanks, pipework, controls, installation and commissioning. Alternatively Tetra Pak CPS is always willing to work with customers to supply any part of the overall system.
  • Upgrades - One of the strengths of Tetra Pak CPS is being flexible enough to offer cost effective solutions to suit customers' requirements, from a single line or tank to a fully integrated/automated system.
  • Full System Specification - Where existing customer information is limited and where the system is complex a fully detailed Design Study service is available.

Total System Integration

  • Site surveys
  • Advice on levels of automation and CIP requirements
  • Design, installation and management of associated pipework and systems on site
  • Responsibility for communication and interfacing with existing control systems

Control System Flexibility

Tetra Pak CPS has a broad range of process and associated control knowledge. The Company's R & D together with customer/user feedback provide us with invaluable information encouraging continuous optimisation of our systems.

Tetra Pak CPS can offer great flexibility in terms of control packages and has successfully commissioned Telemecanique, Siemens, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi PLC systems. Coupled with this we have experience of configuring systems for both stand-alone and networked applications allowing full communication and control utilising a number of multi-vendor industrial Fieldbus platforms and protocols.

Depending on any existing site protocols and/or the number of plant items being controlled, then stand-alone systems will, at one end of the scale, employ standard digital and analogue I/O through to any of the Profibus DP/PA, DeviceNet and ASi networks at the higher end of the scale. An operator interface in the form of an HMI and/or SCADA terminal allows a full range of possibilities for control and feedback of plant performance.

Networked applications would generally have a larger number of plant items to control and could incorporate communication to other party's control systems via a higher level protocol such as ControlNet, Siemens MPI and Ethernet (TCP/IP).

Given a free hand or responsibility to employ your site standards we are all willing to collaborate with you to supply the most user friendly, efficient and reliable package.

Tetra Pak CPS Service

Tetra Pak CPS prides itself on total quality and specifically designs robust systems utilising only quality components to ensure continual operation, reliability and efficiency. Remote diagnostics and support are also possible as every PLC control panel has a serial modem included in the package.

Associated Process Plant

Tetra Pak CPS has the capability to extend well beyond the limits of Intake and Storage Systems and has a wealth of experience in associated processes such as: Pasteurisation, Mixing and Blending, and Cleaning in Place.

Tetra Pak CPS is a leading provider of quality capital equipment and turnkey systems to the hygienic liquid process industries and supplies a large number of household names.

In addition to Intake and Storage Systems, Tetra Pak CPS offers a range of equipment and services in the following fields:

A full range of support services are available to complement all or any of our process systems including:

Tetra Pak CPS offers a complete design and manufacture service from its Sherborne base which incorporates a fully equipped design office and a 2,200 square metre fabrication shop with additional assembly/testing and polishing workshops.

From complete systems to individual pieces of equipment and from components to service, at Tetra Pak CPS our engineers and support staff will work with you to ensure your plant achieves the quality of product and efficiency you require. For further information contact:

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